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“Peaceful, inspirational and contemplative - such artistic gifting! I have collected Lin Brown’s work for many years, find that each piece continues to reveal greater depths.  Each collection of her work has the element of surprise and authenticity as she stays true to recording the everchanging nature of life. Yet whatever the materials or subject, there is a common thread throughout all, a distinctive essence or aura, which identifies the piece immediately to those fortunate enough to know Lin Brown’s work. “    F.P.



“Beautiful and magical paintings, with strong and free expression.

Her landscapes are like whispers on canvas, evocative images, yet full of life, movement, luminosity.

Her abstracts go straight to the heart of being.

Her shrines bring a sense of the sacred.”    S.J.D.



“Lovely light, pure colours, soft edges, strong heart!”    E.D.


An exquisite work to use as a thoughtful focus in my meditation room, Lin’s shrine provides an oasis of tranquility, beauty, peace and inspiration. In it, as with all her work, soul and beauty are given form in a way which is profoundly reflective, breathtakingly sensitive and yet bright and very warming.

Very uplifting and so “now!”    N.+T.D.


“Beautiful collection of exquisite works of sacred art.”     A.T.


“Absolutely divine, such beauty brought to our world, such powerful and positive message. Lin Brown is a skilful, visionary artist; simply to look at her work is to feel the spirit brighten, the heart feel lighter. Even when the artist is expressing  the painful aspects of human experience, there remains a serenity, a feeling of transcendence which permeates all, a “just-so” philosophy about life which shines through the paintings, drawing the viewer into  reflection, a feeling of harmony and being at peace with the world.”    J.T.


“Reminders of pilgrimage and beautiful expressions of the inner journey… a breath of fresh air!

The mind quietens allowing the loveliness and light of the art to shine through.”     A.P.R.


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